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Have you chosen the right adult sex products ?

There are many kinds of sex products on the market, how to choose the most suitable one from them? Before talking about this problem, let me popularize the following knowledge.

First of all, what is a sex product function ?

Adult sex product can be roughly divided into condoms, lubricants, sex products and sexy lingerie. It has an improvement effect on women suffering from sexual frigidity, men with dysfunction, or middle-aged couples with discordant sex life. It is also a pillow-side toy for young couples to enhance their relationship.

In the eyes of sexology experts, with the help of these sex toys, men and women can meet their physiological needs, and not affect or force other people. From another point of view, the everlasting love is absolutely indispensable to the management of the sexual relationship, and actively injecting fun into the life of the couple can make the love fresher and longer.

So what are the sex toys?

Common sex toys include dildos, vibrators, vibrating eggs, anal plugs, penis rings, sexy underwear, etc. Among them, dildos are divided into those without any function and those with automatic retractable and rotating beads.Face so many products, which one to choose?

If you are a beginner, you can start with the vibrating egg, it is generally small. Even if you put it in the body, you will not feel pain because it is not too big to tear the body.

If you are a player with certain sexual experience, you can buy a vibrator. Compared with vibrating eggs, its length and volume are larger, and the pleasure it brings you is also stronger.

Ok, what should be paid attention to when choosing sex toys?

01 Material must be safe

The first thing to pay attention to when choosing a sex toy is to look at its material. Among the vibrator, vibrating egg and anal plug, the silicone material is the best. It is skin-friendly and soft, has a strong sense of vibration, is easy to clean, and will not breed bacteria.

02 Select products according to function

Different products have different emphasis on function. The vibrator is designed according to the bionics of the female vagina, which closely fits the structure of girls' private parts. The vibrating egg stimulates the sensitive parts of the body through vibration, and there is also a sucking port, which can accurately stimulate the nerves inside your body to make you orgasm. 

For sexy underwear, if the chest is relatively small, it is best to choose a 1/4 cup bra with an underwire, which can help the chest muscles to focus inward from both sides and have an upward support effect. If you have large breasts, you can choose a bra that is unlined and has an underwire so the breasts don't sag. 

In addition, sexy underwear generally has many kinds of fabrics, such as mesh, lace, PU leather,etc. If you have slender legs, then suspenders with a corset can maximize the sexy charm of long legs; if you have a beautiful back, you might choose a backless nightdress; if your waist is slender, it is perfect to choose sexy underwear with a hollow design on the waist. In short, no matter what product it is, the one that suits you and can show your own advantages is a good product.

03 Motor vibration sound

The vibration sound of the motor is related to the product quality. Generally, the vibration sound of the motor is about 50db, the best is 45db. The quieter the motor, the better its quality and the longer its service life. Moreover, the low-decibel motor allows you to use sexual product in public without being easily discovered, bringing you secret pleasure while avoiding possible embarrassment.

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