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What are adult products/sex toys?

Sex toys, literally, very easy to understand, are products that increase sex, including BDSM products, sexy lingerie, vibrating eggs, dildos, vibrator, delay cups, condoms, lubricants, etc.

Here, i make a brief introduction to common adult sex toys classification.

1. Enhanced Sexual Stimulation

Such as glans penis ring (an elastic ring with protruding stimulators, fixed in the coronal sulcus under the glans), penis cover (mostly made of silicone, which can be 'increased and lengthened', often with protruding stimulators), protruding stimulators condoms, etc. Their function is to increase and strengthen the stimulation of the vagina, so that it is easier for women to achieve orgasm.

2. Lubricants

This kind of sex toys is suitable for women with insufficient sexual excitement or postmenopausal women. It lubricates the vagina, reduces discomfort and even pain during intercourse. It is also very suitable for women who are inexperienced and too nervous to be fully sexually excited, let them easily get used to and adapt to penis insertion easily. Many lubricants will also add ingredients that stimulate women.

3. Masturbation Sex Toys

There are male and female devices, which are good substitutes for some men and women who don't have a sexual partner. Sexual impulse is a kind of energy, rather than painfully suppressing it, it is better to let it have a suitable release channel, so this kind of sex toys is really helpful for couples who live in different places. 

4. Sexy Lingerie

Sexy lingerie belongs to sexy products. It is a product that combines visual stimulation and sex. It is a product that meets spiritual needs after the improvement of human material life. Sexy underwear is a derivative of underwear, it is different from conventional underwear. Its focus tends to be "sexy", forming visual stimulation, so as to achieve physiological stimulation of various senses. 

In addition to these categories, there are many other sex products。 Besides, with the development of society, the change of people's ideas and the increase of demand, in the future, there will only be more and more types of sex products for adults, and the styles will become more and more novelty.

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